My Travel Must Haves – Spring 2018 Edition!

On the road again! I travel quite frequently and no matter where I go, I have the non-negotiable must haves that I bring. There are also a few rules; for example, I don’t check luggage and travel carry on only. I also prefer an aisle seat on the plane (I’m a bit claustrophobic!) and lastly, if I can help it… non-stop flights only. Unless of course, I want to make a pit stop in a city where the 3 Cs in my life are worth stopping for… chocolate, Champagne and coffee!

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “How do you travel so light?”.
Well, read on for a list of my travel must haves, the Spring 2018 Edition.

Tumi Nia Commuter in Earl Grey – $715 CAD
I know, don’t faint when you read the price tag. Let me tell you, this bag has changed my life. Purchased at the airport one day when I was sick and tired of dealing with bags, things spilling and everything else. This is definitely an investment piece but Tumi offers so many benefits and really performs to the task compared to other luxury bags out there. This particular style has a place for your laptop and even a softly lined jewelry pocket that I use to store SD cards and USB drives. Bonus: Most Tumi bags come with a tracking ID (you must register on the website) that they can use to track your bag in case it gets lost.

Tieks in Metallic Bronze – $195 USD
Oh Tieks…. where have you been all my life? I don’t own a lot of flats, but these ones are the only ones that I will buy from now on unless something better comes along. The quality is great, the company is great and again available in tons of great colors and styles. The Metallic Bronze pair, hello new neutral is the 2nd one that I have (my first pair was Copper Snake) and trust me, it won’t be my last.

Beauty Counter Lip Conditioner in Peppermint – $25 CAD
When space is limited, it’s the little luxuries that matter! I love the cooling and refreshing effect of this lip conditioner and not to mention the yummy scent. You know when it gets stuffy on flights? Well you can’t exactly crack a window, so I just open this and take a whiff! Con: In a glass jar which is amazingly beautiful on your vanity but be careful while in transit. Bonus: This is considered a solid so it doesn’t count towards your liquids allowance.

Keto OS/MAX Swiss Cacao (“Charged” aka has caffeine) – $135 USD for 20 on the go packets
I’ve been on the Keto diet / lifestyle since mid July last year and as they say, “Whoa Nelly!”. If you don’t know what the Keto diet is all about, it’s getting your body to be in a state of ketosis so it burns fat. There are lots of info about on the web and I’m not a Dr so consult your’s before diving in but I can tell you that yes my clothes fit way better (several sizes down). However, the best thing I’m getting out of it is the mental clarity. Previously, I was having 6 maybe 7 coffees a day. And now, just 2 small coffees with this added Swiss Cacao. A bit sweet for my taste as I used to drink coffee black but I’m just glad it’s not another shake as I prefer hot drinks over cold. This is the best way for me to maintain ketosis, especially on the road with no low carb options at the airport. Try it…. you’re welcome!

Travelpro Crew Carry On – price ranges from $269 CAD to $329 CAD
I’d rather poke my eye than check in luggage! This little carry on is like a thing off of Harry Potter. You can fill it (wisely!) with all your essentials and capsule travel wardrobe for at least a week’s worth of travel. I have the “Crew” style but they have a lot to choose from. I picked a nice burgundy color to add a little pep to my usual gray and black. I can’t use any other carry on except for this one for now. I’m so happy with it that it will take something extraordinarily mind-blowing for me to even consider using something else.

Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Papers – $15 CAD
Say that product name 7 times fast! Varying climates takes a toll on my skin so it’s either I’m really dry or super oily. I know, make up your mind right? These blotting papers are my go to even when at home. I literally have a pack in my car, on my desk (yes in all 3 offices; Vancouver, Las Vegas and Los Angeles!), in my party clutch, in my laptop bag and a backup in my toiletry bag. Handmade in Japan with 100% Abaca leaf, in true Japanese fashion they include a touch of 23 karat gold flakes to remind you that this product is a true treasure! A lifesaver for those quick touch ups, I can’t live without these!

So there you have it, now you know! Comment below, what are your travel must-haves? I’d love to know and add to my list!


ps – some links are affiliate links. All of the products listed above are really my real life faves! I own all of them and love them already, tried, tested and true! 🙂



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